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The lectures for the chapters covered in this course are provided below::

Ch.# Topic .pdf
Ch.1 Introduction   
Ch.2 Relational Model  
Ch.3 SQL  
Ch.4 Advanced SQL  
Ch.5 Other Rational Languages  
Ch.6 Entity-Relationship Model  
Ch.7 Relational Database Design  
Ch.8 Application Design and Development  
Ch.9 Object-based Databases      
Ch.10 XML  
Ch.11 Storage and File Structure  
Ch.12 Indexing and Hashing  
Ch.13 Query Processing  
Ch.14 Query Optimization  
Ch.15 Transactions  
Ch.16 Concurrency Control  
Ch.17 Recovery System  
Ch.18 Data Analysis & Mining  
Ch.19 Information Retrieval  
Ch.20 Database System Architectures  
Ch.21 Parallel Databases  
Ch.22 Distributed Databases  

* The chapters highlighted in blue are the chapters covered in this course.

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