Microwave Laboratory

Contact Number: 61114318

Laboratory Supervisor

Contact Number : 82084208
Room: 2-705

About Lab About Lab

The Microwave Laboratory is located on the 1st floor of the ECE department with an approximate area of 90 m2. The laboratory, founded on 1975, is a basic one and is offered for senior and graduate level students. The objective of this lab is two fold, education and research. Various experiments in the microwave band, specially Xband is performed in the education side of laboratory. Other experiments such as different antenna measurements, properties of passive and active microwave devices, ... are also done in the laboratory. Simulations using many field-related softwares are also possible. The lab is equipped with conventional active and passive devices (Klystron power supply, Gunn Diode,...) as well as HP8510C network analyzer.

The Microwave Laboratory has close cooperation with Photonic Lab, Thin Film Lab and Center of Excellence on Applied Electromagnetic Systems in the ECE school.

Graduate students as well as faculty members in electromagnetics are working on their research projects in different areas including: Numerical methods in Electromagnetics, Photonic Ctystals, Smart antennas, Integrated circuit antennas, Radar, Complex media and Metamaterials.

Phone Number: 61114318
Lab Location: 1st floor of the ECE department