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Morteza Fathi-Pour

Associate Professor
Phone.Number: 61114329
Email: mfathi [AT] ut.ac.ir

Research Interests

Process and Device Simulation
Flat Panel Displays, Integrated Circuit Design

Current Researches

Electron Beam Lithography
SOI Device Design
Micro Electronics Devices
Development Of Process and Device Simulation Software for Semiconductor Devices


The Theory and Technology of Semiconductor Devices (1)
The Theory and Technology of Semiconductor Devices (2)
Physical electronics Modern Physics

Selected Publications

1) Yannis P. Tsividis "Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor", Tehran University Publication, 827 Pages, 1998, Translated in to Persian by M. Fathipour

2) Jaspirit Singh "An Introduction to Semiconductor Devices", Tehran University Press, 825 Pages, 2002, Translated in to Persian by M. Fathipour and A.E. Ardakani

3) Electronic Circuit Simulation with Star HSpice, Salekan Publishing 208 Pages, 2003, Translated and Compiled by M. Fathipour and M. Gholipour

4) M. Fathipour "Laser Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited SiO2 InP Interface" Ph.D. dissertation Colorado State University. 1984.

5) E.Fathi, A.Behnam, P.Hashemi, B.Esfandyarpour, M.Fathipour. "The Influence of Stacked and Double Material Gate Structure on the Short Channel Effects in SOI MOSFET" IEICE Transaction on Electronics. Vol.E88-C No.6. pp.1122, June 2005.

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8) M.Fathipour, E.Fathi, B.Afzal, A.Khakifirooz "An Improved Shift – and – Ratio Leff Extraction method for MOS Transistors with Halo/Pocket Implants" Journal of Solid State Electronics . Vol.48, PP.1829-1832, 2004.

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