Council of Representatives

The annual election will be held during each course - Course introduces three delegates to the Council.


Council activities

The Council's activities are divided into two categories:

    Representatives of the Council on common interests and teaching philosophy of the Council of Representatives. The most important task of education is the responsibility of the Council and its members.
    Activities of the Union: Council of Representatives liaison between students and the university system. So the problem can be posed and solved by asking the student union and the university council. For example, organizing camps and festivals, computer problems, buffet and ... .

Task Agent

The school district representative is required to be involved in the preparation of exams scheduling class, such that the timing of the proposed programs - offered by training - is consistent.

Note: The agent has no obligation to resolve the issues arising from or elimination of courses taken by students (practice uncommon) is the scheduling of classes and exams. Only be required to obtain and provide educational units in accordance with normal procedures.

Union field representative is the responsibility of the student union council to discuss problems and possible solutions to make it work because it is a lot involved in trade matters outside the scope of student authority.


Task Cycle