Extracurricular activities


Students of school of Electrical and Computer Engineering in order to create opportunities for students to express and exchange of scientific and non-scientific journals have begun to publish journals. Two examples of journals are in the following:


F1-ACM Student Magazine category

The spring of 2012, the number of students in computer engineering and information technology magazines to publish magazine called F1 and It aims to familiarize students with a variety of new materials in the fields of science and engineering, computer and information technology. In addition to scientific papers, the journal contains materials such as school news, interviews with teachers, laboratory reagent and the mysteries of the mind.






DERANG - the magazine of cultural, social, trade union, student of school of Electrical and Computer Engineering









Working in conferences

A fixed pie, conferences and seminars organized by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, students who volunteered to undertake the administrative tasks involved. Cooperation in various fields, including site design, help in organizing lectures, workshops, banner design, poster design and the design of the conference.





An annual celebration of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, along with students and teachers will be held in March. Activities such as the celebration of entrance decorated by New Year spread, selling food prepared by students, such as colored eggs create Ghrfhhayy and pottery, painting is done on a large surface and various competitions.