Telecommunications Innovation Lab (TIL)

Telecommunications Innovation Lab (TIL)


Head of the lab:Dr. Maryam Sabbaghian


:Affiliated members of the lab

Dr. Saeed Akhavan

Dr. Pouya Shariat-Panahi

Dr. Maryam Sabbaghian



TIL is part of the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at University of Tehran. This lab concentrates on interdisciplinary research centered around telecommunications


:Mission Statement

Our daily lives have been revolutionized by information and telecommunications technologies. Social networks are now our favorite medium for communications. Access to information plays an immense role in our psychological safety. The list is significantly broader when it comes to other aspects of our lives which are highly dependent on telecommunications. The current tremendous role of this technology is the result of active research which was constantly going on during the course of past decades

At TIL, we are committed to sustain world class research on areas related to telecommunications. To achieve this goal, we make strong partnership with industry and set our strategic priorities based on industrial needs and cutting edge technologies

:The research areas in TIL includes

5G and beyond cellular systems

Neural Communications

Telecommunications applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI)



We believe that significant innovations can sparkle in a multidisciplinary research environment not confined in disciplinary boundaries. Driven by this vision, at the crossroad of different technologies, we explore new horizons to redefine telecommunications research.  The fundamental research and mathematical analysis broadly used for many years in telecommunications has gained a vast range of applications nowadays. These applications might not necessarily be categorized under the name of traditional telecommunications. This, however, gives us a greater cause and paves a new road for us to contribute more and advance our society

TIL also stands for "Today I Learned" We hope every researcher at our lab learns something New and useful everyday